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Jobs in Denver, Colorado

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Our website is a Job Search website looking to connect job seekers with employers. The website is free for job seekers to get employed in Denver by spending zero dollars…now that’s a pretty neat deal! Employers pay a small fee to post their job openings on our platform.

Despite the growing numbers of job boards and job search engines, Now Hiring Colorado has etched a special place in the hearts of Coloradans and also those who wish to make The Mile-High City their next home. Our purpose is to modernize the recruiting process by making it easier for experienced, skilled, and well-educated job seekers to find potential employers and the best paying jobs in town.

Why Denver, Colorado?

Many men and women looking for employment often ask the same question –what are the best US states for employment? According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Colorado experienced a 66.2% rise in employment, which is the biggest percentage-point move measured in any state in 2017.

With more than 41% of the residents in Denver having a bachelor’s degree or higher, and the steady growth in Colorado's economy, Denver is fast becoming a favorite for the young and unemployed.

That’s not all. Denver attracts a bright and ambitious workforce from around the world, which has also been a boon to its economy. Since Denver is a magnet for talented workers who are interested in career opportunities in the various industries in this dynamic city, finding that perfect job can be a tough nut to crack if you’re not looking in the right direction.

Enter Now Hiring Colorado

Our jobs portal is dedicated to helping Denver residents and those who wish to call Denver their new home get all the latest information on job openings. We feature the hottest jobs across several industries and verticals, making sure you are able to find one that suits your skills and qualifications.

Denver is home to world-class educational institutions, such as the University of Colorado and the University of Denver.

Find the Country’s Top Employers

The city is also the home of Lockheed Martin, a juggernaut in the aerospace and defense sector, which relocated its headquarters to Denver. Other top employers in Denver include Dish Network Corporation and DaVita Inc. Amazon is also expanding its Denver Tech Hub along with many other big names in the tech industry, which keeps jobs in the tech sector in high demand.

Jobs Available in Multiple Sectors

The city of Denver also has a thriving hospitality sector that employs thousands of employees to cater to the 17 million tourists who visit the city annually.

The bustling CBD industry has also breathed new life into the city’s economy, with many entrepreneurs and investors turning to Denver to set up shop in this relatively new niche.

The top industries in Denver include the Health Care and Social Assistance sector, which employs 161,400, the Accommodation and Food Services industry, which employs 143,000, and the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Industry, which employs a total of 135,000 professionals.

Looking for a Government Job?

You’re in luck. Denver, Colorado, is one of the best places to work for the government. There are four Federal agencies operating in Denver. These are the Veterans Health Administration, Internal Revenue Service, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Office Of Senior Coordinator For Rocky Mountains.

All federal employees in Denver are paid according to the Adjusted General Schedule Pay Table for the Denver GS Locality. This results in a pay increase of 27.13% above the base GS pay rates. Salary adjustments for government employees keep government salaries compatible with the private sector.

What Does the City Offer?

According to a 2018 poll, just 3.0% of people in Denver are without a job, which is 0.9% lower than the national average and is testament to the booming economy that’s creating more jobs each year.

Denver has a job market that’s much healthier than many other similar-sized metro areas, which makes it a great choice for unemployed millennials in search of jobs.

Attractive Pay

Denver employers also offer an average annual salary that’s much higher ($69,000) as compared to the national average ($50,620). Trends in wages increased by 1.6% in 2019. This makes Denver an attractive city for many job seekers.

The most popular occupations in Denver are Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Operations Manager, which have an annual pay ranging between $42k and $123k.

With many job opportunities, the thriving arts and cultural scene, and 300 days of annual sunshine, The Mile-High City is an amazing place to live and work.

Employees are Protected Under Law

Colorado also has strong laws that protect employees. Some of the benefits that employees in Denver enjoy include the following:

  • Worker’s compensation
  • The right to discuss your wage
  • Minimum wage and overtime
  • OSHA compliance
  • Leave as required by law
  • Health care coverage for 18 months
  • Access to your own personnel file
  • Whistleblower protection
  • Freedom from discrimination
  • A smoke-free working environment


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